Religious Freedom is for EVERYONE

Let’s talk about Religious Freedom for a few minutes.

Yesterday I read yet another article that implied that anyone who is not a part of an established religion is not protected by the religious freedom section of the First Amendment. This one was about Kim Davis, the delusional Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses believing both that her understanding of the Bible allows her to refuse to perform her job and that it enables her to pick and choose which laws she will obey. She’s been going through the courts insisting that her “sincerely held” beliefs trump everyone else’s.  Continue reading

It’s Time We Dump Political Correctness

Conservatives say they hate political correctness.  Well you know what?  I hate it, too.  I’m pretty sure we hate it for different reasons, though.

I don’t usually run to the dictionary for definitions of my topics. I had to this time, though. I have never really known what political correctness was supposed to mean at the outset.  I looked in Merriam Webster,, even The Urban Dictionary. What I found was tongue-in-cheek blah-blah-blah and pseudo-political blah-blah-blah and just blah-blah-blah.  Which brings me to my first reason for hating political correctness.   Continue reading

Gay Scout Leaders on the Prowl: You’re Kidding, Right?

Can I take a second to talk about The Gays?  (Of course I can.  It’s my blog.)

Now that the Righties and the CINOs (Christians in Name Only) are flipping out because we’re allowed to be Boy Scout Leaders*, I’m reminded of something that’s been a puzzle to me for quite some time.   Continue reading

Religion vs Rationality

A few days ago Right Wing Watch posted a list of the Ten Plagues of Gay Marriage. In it, Brian Tashman lists the ten horrors that will befall the US now that five “rogue justices” of the Supreme Court have ruled in favor of Marriage Equality.
I’ve got to say the list makes me despair for a significant number of Americans and for organized religion as a whole. All right, in this instance I’m referring to Christianity, but Christians do not have a monopoly on crazy.  Continue reading

I’m Movin’ Out. Or Not.

“If ________ happens, I’m moving out of the country.”

Is there a more meaningless statement in the entire English language?

I know we all have a tendency to hyperbolize when we’re really feeling something terrible is going down and we have no control over it.  There’s only one thing to do:  Say something so over-the-top that no one can miss the fact that we’re incredibly riled up.  Continue reading

Looking Away

I hear that Looking has been canceled by HBO.  Items keep coming through my Facebook and Twitter feed.  Some are resigned.  Some are unsurprised.  Some are analytical in the way we liberals tend to be at times like this, ready to do post mortems on both sides of the topic du jour.  “Seven Reasons We Loved Looking.”  “Seven Reasons we Should Have Loved Looking.”  “Seven Reasons Looking Didn’t Work But Was Groundbreaking Anyway.”   Continue reading

The Imitation Game: It’ll Tear You Up

The Imitation Game.  See it.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to write a really learned critique, but it’s not happening.  Lots of others are going to do that anyway.  What you need to know is that this is one amazing film.  I went in expecting to like it.  I’m an Anglophile and a history geek and I’m gay.  I am absolutely THE target audience the filmmakers were shooting for.  I would have been surprised if I hadn’t liked it.  What surprised me was how much it affected me.   Continue reading