I got called “faggot” last week. In Berkeley! In 2015!

Every once in a while something happens that is so out of the norm that I almost don’t have words. I was actually speechless when I passed a guy right after I’d moved to San Francisco in 2010 who muttered “fag” under his breath as he went by.   Continue reading

An Ode to Wine

Sometimes you just need a little something.  Before I moved to California, it was chocolate or soda for me.  But when I hit the Golden State; I was almost immediately sucked into the culture of vino.

You wouldn’t think this would be a new thing to me. I’m from Seattle, home of Chateau St. Michelle and plenty of others.  There was wine a-plenty right there in my own back yard.  (And you know what Dorothy said about not looking for wine any further than your own back yard. Well, basically that’s what she said.)   Continue reading

Looking Away

I hear that Looking has been canceled by HBO.  Items keep coming through my Facebook and Twitter feed.  Some are resigned.  Some are unsurprised.  Some are analytical in the way we liberals tend to be at times like this, ready to do post mortems on both sides of the topic du jour.  “Seven Reasons We Loved Looking.”  “Seven Reasons we Should Have Loved Looking.”  “Seven Reasons Looking Didn’t Work But Was Groundbreaking Anyway.”   Continue reading

LCTC at the TBA Awards 2014

I am sitting in Starbucks this morning in a suit.  A suit!  I never wear a suit.  I live in San Francisco and work in Berkeley.  When you wear a suit in either of these places – even as a gay man – you look like an alien from another planet.

But today is different.  Well, tonight is different.   Continue reading

A 24-Hour Play Fest? Yes!

I’ve got to take a few minutes to write about the 24-Hour Play Fest before I lose the high.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, 24-hour play festivals happen all over and involve going from nothing on a Friday to a complete production of a group of short plays the following night.  I’d heard about the phenomenon in Seattle and Minneapolis and several other cities, but I’d never had a chance to take part until last fall when the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco was mounting their fourth 24-Hour Fest.

I know what you’re thinking.  Mount an entire show in 24 hours?  That’s just crazy! Continue reading

“Beautiful” Was Simply Beautiful

Last night I had the privilege of attending the invited dress rehearsal of Beautiful, the Carole King Musical.  I went in with high expectations because I’ve been a huge fan of Carole King’s music for a very long time (although I do not want to write about how long that has been).    Continue reading