They’re in the Rangers. Now what?

Two women (1st Lt. Shaye Haver, 25, and Capt. Kristen Griest, 26) have overcome the grueling training required to become Army Rangers.  I’ve got to take my hat off to them because God knows I could never have done it. I was wiped out watching the footage of the things they had to do to graduate from the program. I almost spilled my latte.

Seriously, it’s amazing that anyone can complete training like this or what the Navy Seals have to go through and then go on to do the work that training is supposed to prepare them for. This isn’t like the fat guy down the street telling you he did an Iron Man twenty years ago. This is just the beginning of a career-long Iron Man. Continue reading

Kasich: One of the Idiots Who Hates Teachers

Remember when John Kasich was the reasonable guy in the room?  Maybe you don’t even know who John Kasich is. He’s one of the white guys trying for the GOP presidential nomination. He’s also governor of Ohio, which arguably makes him one of the whitest guys running for the GOP presidential nomination.

If you watched or heard about the first A-Team GOP debate (that’s the one in primetime with an audience, not the junior version), you know Kasich came off as super reasonable and got lots of good press for not saying he’d disown a daughter who told him she was gay. Woo-hoo! Big points to the guy who said he’d actually be a parent and not an ideological jerk. I’m impressed.   Continue reading

Privatization Isn’t the Answer

Look at this meme.

Is this really the kind of person we want providing our vital services?

Is this really the kind of person we want providing our vital services?

It came through my Facebook feed this morning. That’s right, I follow politics on Facebook. I’m an addict on both FB and Twitter. (I must just like to be angry a lot.) These things come through multiple times a day, but it’s only once in a while that they give me a real gut punch.   Continue reading

What Do Conservatives Really Think of Women?

Over the past five years as I’ve gotten more observant of politics than I ever was before  and with the current controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, one of the questions that keeps bugging me is: Why doesn’t anyone make the Republicans say outright what they think of women?  It would be hard, they are politicians after all, well-schooled in evasion and diversion, but it shouldn’t be that hard, either. They tell us subliminally all the time.

Based on their “concern” about women’s health, it’s pretty clear that they think women are either morons or psychopaths.   Continue reading

It’s Time We Dump Political Correctness

Conservatives say they hate political correctness.  Well you know what?  I hate it, too.  I’m pretty sure we hate it for different reasons, though.

I don’t usually run to the dictionary for definitions of my topics. I had to this time, though. I have never really known what political correctness was supposed to mean at the outset.  I looked in Merriam Webster,, even The Urban Dictionary. What I found was tongue-in-cheek blah-blah-blah and pseudo-political blah-blah-blah and just blah-blah-blah.  Which brings me to my first reason for hating political correctness.   Continue reading

“Fox and Friends” and the Mystery of the Target Toys

Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in again. I keep telling myself I’m going to move on to fun topics only and then I see something that makes my head explode.

OK, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I ask for it.  For instance, I liked the Raw Story page on Facebook partially because of the great tidbits of nuttiness they pull from Fox so I don’t have to watch it myself. Further admission, I would NEVER waste my time watching Fox. You could stab me in both eyes with a “Vote Romney” pin and throw me off a pile of the money Donald Trump is supposed to have first.   Continue reading

Grandpa Maltby: Bloom County is Back!

Bloom County is back! I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I heard that Berke Breathed was resuscitating his great comic strip. I couldn’t believe it’s been gone for 25 years, either. Oy! That hurt.

Throughout the 80’s Bloom County, Doonesbury and The Far Side were the political – and in the case of The Far Side, just plain wacky – were the cartoon mainstays of my generation. It seemed like every BC strip was a classic. While a lot of the other cartoonists seemed to skate by with their daily strips, Breathed made his interesting, funny and memorable. Three of my favorites were daily entries that I’ve told friends about repeatedly over the years.   Continue reading