Savage Hate

Michael Savage - well-named

Michael Savage – well-named

Remember my post about mean-spirited, childish right-wingers? I’d like to add this guy to the list.

His name is Michael Savage. He’s a radio personality in the mold of Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh. He’s a nasty, angry, middle-aged white man. I couldn’t tell you why he’s angry. He’s successful, famous in his genre and lives a pretty good life. But it bothers him that there are other people out there who want good lives, too. He can’t imagine why they would try to get that good life by whatever means possible. He doesn’t believe that there is an experience beyond his own that has any value. Continue reading

Alex Jones: Where are my earplugs?

Last week I posted on my Twitter and Facebook feeds that I didn’t know how anyone could listen to Alex Jones, the nutty, gun-obsessed conspiracy theorist and radio host.  One of my conservative friends (yes I do have those) replied that he feels the same way about Hillary Clinton.  He may have been writing about the same thing I was, but I’m not sure.   Continue reading